DIAGO SF s.r.o. offers a full range of bearings and accessories. With their quality and coverage of all customer needs, we meet the high criteria for their sales and subsequent service. We sell world brand bearings:

Rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are the most widely used type of bearings on the market. They are characterized by high flexibility, durability and reliability. By combining individual groups, rolling bearings can transfer high loads under different operating conditions.

Ball bearings

The ball bearings are simple to design, they can operate at high speeds as well as at low speeds with negligible maintenance and favorable price. Mostly these bearings carry radial loads, but they are also able to transmit combined loads when changing bearing designs.

Roller bearings

The use of roller bearings is wide and is mainly used at higher radial loads. The bearing design is based on the ball bearing design, with the roller in the bearing.

Needle roller bearings

Needle bearings are slim modifications of roller bearings. The ISO standard defines that the length of the rolling element must be at least 2.5 times its diameter. These bodies are referred to as needles. Despite the low cross-section, these bearings have a high load-bearing capacity and are therefore extremely suitable for storage where space is radially limited.

Tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings are considered to be universally usable bearings with high transmission capacity, both radial and axial. The design of the tapered roller bearings has proven to be particularly suitable for capturing combined (axial and radial) loads. The axial load bearing capacity of the bearings largely depends on the contact angle, which corresponds to the angle of the outer race orbit.

Spherical roller bearings

The bearing's ability to eliminate the angular tilt of the shaft at high loads is a significant advantage of the spherical roller bearing. Thanks to this feature they find wide application in the industry. The axial load bearing capacity of the bearings largely depends on the contact angle, which corresponds to the angle of the outer race orbit.

Thrust bearings

The design of the thrust bearings is in some parameters different from the radial bearings. An important operating aspect is their storage as well as the assembly itself, which greatly affects bearing life.

Plain bearings

In many cases, plain bearings are replacing the use of rolling bearings in industry. It cannot be said that it is suitable for any application, but the simplicity of sliding bearing construction, low maintenance requirements and high load capacity make it suitable for many applications. We can write these claims mainly because of the huge advances in the materials used, the development of lubricants and lubrication systems.

Radial spherical plain bearings

The radial spherical plain bearings are composed of an inner and an outer ring with a maintenance-free sliding layer, a composite material with PTFE or a PTFE film. They are suitable for variable dynamic loads. Large-size spherical plain bearings from d = 320 mm belong to the premium class.

Angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact articulated bearings are composed of an inner and outer sliding ring. In addition to radial forces, they also transmit large axial forces.

Thrust ball bearings

Axial spherical plain bearings are composed of shaft and body rings. Large-size spherical plain bearings from d = 220 mm belong to the premium class.

Cylindrical slide bushes

The cylindrical sliding sleeves are composed of a solid steel support sleeve. In addition to radial swinging movements, they can also transmit axial movements at loads higher than conventional plain bearings.

Maintenance-free rod ends

Maintenance-free rod ends consist of a connecting rod head and maintenance-free spherical plain bearings. They capture radial tensile or compressive forces and are suitable for slow movements at low and medium pivot angles, for DC loads and limited for variable loads (also for variable loads for GE ...- UK-2RS).

Maintenance-requiring bearings

Sliding bearings that require service - we call lubrication during maintenance to be maintenance-free. Bearings are mostly made of steel, bronze or polymers. This category includes cases, sleeves, hinges, slings.

Maintenance free bearings

The maintenance-free bearing construction requires special materials that reduce friction and increase abrasion resistance. It is best known to use Teflon layers to provide proper sliding properties and durability. Bearings work without lubricant, which increases maintenance by equipment possibly contaminating products.

Other bearings

Industry's constant pressure on innovation raises increasing demands for non-standard solutions. With our partners, we are able to deliver specially manufactured for a wide variety of conditions: high - slow speeds, high accelerations, high - low temperatures, high loads, non-standard bearing angles. In the case of special requirements, thanks to our designers, technicians and computing software, we are able to design and manufacture bearings specifically designed for the application.

KU Cases

The KU for hydraulics are especially suited for dry grease-free applications at high loads and vibrations. Thanks to the used materials they are maintenance-free throughout their lifetime.

bronze bushings

Bronze bushings for hydraulics are particularly suitable for dry fit without lubricant at high loads and vibrations. Thanks to the used materials they are maintenance-free throughout their lifetime.

GE Bearings

GE bearings for hydraulics are especially suited for dry grease-free applications at high loads and vibration. Thanks to the used materials they are maintenance-free throughout their lifetime.

Large-size bearings - sleeves

Large-size bearings are used to transmit large combined axial-radial loads many times coupled to a tilting moment. Use is not only for building and earth moving machines, but also for turntables, roundabouts, metering devices and the like. These bearings are in various modifications, without gearing, with external gearing, with internal gearing combined with various mounting holes.

Bearing units, houses

Bearing placement is an important structural part. Proper bearing placement ensures high bearing reliability and durability. Our company offers a wide range of bearing units in different quality levels.

Bearing Unit Types:
Standing Houses | Multiple Units | Oil bearing units | Flange bearing units | Bearing units for self-centering bearings | Bearing units for agricultural machinery
Proper placement of bearings is an important condition for its very life. Thanks to cooperation with many production companies we have a wide range of bearing housings.

Special ZLK bearings

Under the ZLK brand, we design and manufacture special bearings developed directly for a specific application and customer. For successful projects we realize: designs, calculations, optimization, technical and technological procedures. Special ZLK PLC bearings have non-standard dimensions and design. Therefore, the use is also intended to be used wherever standardized and otherwise modified versions cannot be used.

Railway bearings

The rail transport segment increases its maintenance, safety and, of course, durability. Our collaboration with reputable companies gives us space to provide our customers with this kind of bearings.

Bearing bushes, nuts and washers

Bearings and their fixation are provided in some cases by bearing bushes. Their use depends on the application of the machinery.

Pulleys and freewheels

Small mounting dimensions, high load and change of load direction - these are the main conditions for using pulleys. Mostly, the ball bearings are of special construction.

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