DIAGO SF s.r.o. is a leading supplier of bearings and industrial products in the Slovak Republic. It has been operating on the market since 1993 and thanks to the efforts of the founder of the company and its strong team, it has become a renowned company in the supply of goods, services and manufacturing of components. Supply of products is supported by specialists in the field of diagnostics, vibration diagnostics, machine setting, lubrication systems, oil purification, bearing assembly and dismantling, and the like. We support high-quality service by machine-building, which has multiplied recently. Motion control is therefore not just a slogan.

Our portfolio

Bearings and accessories

DIAGO SF s.r.o. offers a full range of bearings and accessories. With our quality and meeting all our customer needs, we meet high criteria for their sales and after-sales service.

Hydraulic and pneumatic

Our portfolio for hydraulics and pneumatics find all components and services you need. It is a complete assortment of chromed bars, precision tubes, bearings for hydraulics and tires, hydraulic seals and hydraulics, repairs and production of hydraulic cylinders and exact custom production.

Drives and gears

We provide comprehensive services in the field of belt drive. The products we offer are usable in a large number of industrial transmissions, power transmission, and synchronization of gears. According to the client's requirements, we can design, or convert the belt conversion, to realize the supply of straps, remiment.

Filtration of hydraulic oils

It is a well-known fact that 85% of hydraulic machines and circuits fail to cause hydraulic oil pollution. Water and dirt (metal powder, dust, sawdust) reduce the original ability of the oil to form a thin oil film that ensures smooth running of the machine. Removing these dirt will prolong the life of the machine as well as save electricity.


Each device vibrates. Each vibration is specific to the machine, and this vibration varies from changing the conditions under which the machine is operating. The noise that is being emitted is only partial information about the state of the machine. Vibration analysis will help you detect a wide range of machine failures. Increasing vibration may indicate normal component wear, or may indicate the origin of the problem, and may indicate the need for the necessary maintenance. Vibration and vibration is the key information for the next steps in resolving the problem.

And many more ...



DIAGO SF s.r.o. is holder of many ISO, patents, awards and other certificates.

Where can you find us?

Železničná 7 97701

Zvolenská cesta 25 974 05
Banská Bystrica

Barčianska 68/A 040 17
Košice 17

Ul. SNP 23 92701

Ul. Andreja Hlinku 31 971 01


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