Hydraulic and pneumatic

In our hydraulics and pneumatics portfolio you will find all the components and services you need. It is a complete range of chrome bars, precision tubes, bearings for hydraulics and pneumatics, hydraulic seals and pouches, hydraulic cylinder repair and manufacture, and precision custom manufacturing. Hydraulic Partners:


Our company is one of the largest suppliers of metallurgical material needed for the production of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Thanks to the comprehensive delivery of all related components needed for production, you don't need to reach out to other suppliers to increase procurement costs.
Bars: Dense material for piston rod production is our stock item. Our supplier is a leading manufacturer where high quality materials guarantee use in the most demanding conditions. The chromium layer consists of several parts, so that the entire layer is not removed when accidentally damaged, leaving the rod protected.
Pipes: We supply and hold hydraulic pipes welded or drawn in accuracy H8 and H9. The advantage is that we supply all the materials with exactly specified dimensions and not in production lengths. Bearings: The bearing itself is an important element of the linear hydraulic motor. The bearings as well as the bearings, the front and rear covers can be found in our warehouse.
Seals: The quality and precision of the gaskets supplied affects the economical operation of the machinery as well as other machine parts. The experience and technical prowess of our employees assumes that they will combine cost-effectiveness and technical durability with your requirements to achieve the optimum result.
Hoses: Hydraulic hoses provide hydraulic transmission from the generator to the hydraulic appliance in many cases. Flexibility, resistance to the external environment as well as price are the basic parameters when choosing the right product. Call our operations and consult.
Hydraulic cylinders: In recent years, competitive customer competition has put enormous pressure on hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, which in many cases has resulted in their end. Thanks to our many years of experience and experience in the supply of dense material for the production of hydraulic cylinders, our company has become a stable partner for our customers also in the field of hydraulic cylinder supply. At present, we provide customers with production, delivery and service of all types of hydraulic cylinders.

Chrome bars

The chrome-plated piston rods are primarily used to produce the basic movable part of the hydraulic cylinder. We divide them according to the size of the outer diameter, the material used and the required technological properties of their surface. The piston rods are packaged in a protective paper wrapper or in a plastic film and are preserved. We have hundreds of items in stock that we can cut and ship in a very short time from order. We are constantly expanding the stocked product range with items you are interested in. Of course there are technical approvals and consultancy services of our buyers and sellers.

Precision tubes

Precision steel tubes form the base stationary portion of the hydraulic cylinder. They serve to guide the piston fitted with the sealing sleeves. As with chrome piston rods, we have hundreds of items in stock in Brezno ranging from an inner diameter of 25 H8 to 250 H8, with different wall thicknesses. The tubes are preserved and smaller quantities are cut and dispatched the second working day after the order. We attach technical certificates to the delivery, the pipe ends are protected against damage during transport.

Bearings for hydraulics and pneumatics

Of course, the range for complete completion of hydraulic cylinders also includes bearings whose full range we offer and sell to you -> Articulated bearings in the back lid | bearing housings in the back lid used to hold hydraulic cylinders. We will supply this range exactly to your specific requirements and are always in stock.

Seals and gaskets

In stock in Brezno and branches all over Slovakia we have thousands of items of sealing elements for hydraulic cylinders available for our own production and sale. These are mainly piston and lid sealing sleeves and static seals (O rings and washers).

Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic hoses are used to transport liquids at high pressures. We supply hydraulic hoses in the piece and prepare them with tailored fittings.

Repair of hydraulic cylinders

In cooperation with German companies, we ensure the production and repair of hydraulic cylinders up to 40t suitable eg. for the Gabčíkovo Waterworks.

Custom production

Custom production and repairs according to customer requirements are self-evident.

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