Industry seals

The material (NBR, EPDM, VMQ, FPM, ACM, PU, PTFE) from which the gaskets are made is determined according to the type of sealing medium and working conditions (pressure, temperature). We sell and service brand seals:

Production of seals:

Modification and repair of standard parts is often associated with the necessary changes to the installation dimensions, which in the case of hydraulic elements necessitate the use of non-standardized seals. Thanks to CNC technology, we are able to provide our customers with the production of turn-over seals exactly according to customer requirements up to 400 mm.

Standardized seals:

Seals are an important element of machinery despite their low purchase price compared to the whole device. Despite its size and price, we can greatly influence the reliability of the equipment and let us say that the details really matter. Advice on how much seal you can find at each branch.

Shaft seals

Shaft seals are touch sealing elements designed to seal rotating shafts and other machine components. They provide a seamless separation between two low-pressure environments. Shaft seals are normalized to PN 02 9403 or DIN 3760. Shaft seals are generally reinforced with a metal ring, rubber parts, and a tension spring. In some cases, the gufero is also used without a metal reinforcement ring and spring. This is a CD version (AO) also called WAO, VIAO, or "SEVANIT" gufero in the "P" or "HP" version. Shaft seals provide double tightness - static tightness at the place of installation and dynamic sealing at the level of contact of the sealing part and the shaft.

Flange gaskets

They serve to seal the flanges. The suitability of the sealing material used depends on the operating temperature, pressure and sealing medium. In addition to standard sealing materials such as EPDM, NBR, SBR, graphite, silicone and teflon boards, it is possible to use under heavy duty conditions and for seam or spiral seals.

Hydraulic seals

We provide comprehensive services in the field of belt drive. The products we offer are usable in a large number of industrial transmissions, power transmission, and synchronization of gears. According to the client's requirements, we can design, or convert the belt conversion, to realize the supply of straps, remiment.

O - rings

O RING - is a rubber seal designed to prevent undesired permeability or loss of liquid or gas. The sealing capacity depends on the sealing ring and on the installation space. Tvarovo is the O-ring of the toroid, i. ring with circular cross-section.

Labyrinth seals

Labyrinth seal
is a special seal used to contactless sealing of two rotating parts. An example is the seal of the rotating crankshaft relative to the stationary bearing (engine block) which separates the oil-filled space from one side from the dry space or other oil filling.

Labyrinth seal consists of a set of small channels through which the shaft passes tightly (but without contact). This type of gasket is mainly used in applications where it is necessary to take into account durability and reliability (high-speed gas turbines, motors ...). On the other hand, due to the need for a very precise design, it is considerably more expensive than a conventional gufero and is sensitive to contaminating the sealing medium with abrasive material or other aggressive ingredients.


Wipers used to blurring of dirt from the surface of the piston. The seal itself, the medium as well as the roller are protected against damage. They are intended for fitting into a closed groove.


The sleeves are among the most important types of sealing of moving parts of hydraulic and pneumatic devices for direct sliding movement.