Production of hydraulic hoses

The reliability of the molded hoses depends on the interconnection of many parameters such as the quality of the hose itself, the screwing, but also the pressing device. For several years we have been testing individual components in order to provide our customers with quality products at reasonable prices.
We offer you complete hydraulic hoses tailor-made for your application at an excellent price and the best quality on the market!

Our offer and possibilities

  • assembling hoses up to 31.8 mm in diameter
  • assembling hoses of different lengths,
  • Possibility of pressing 6 braided hoses up to 31.8 mm diameter
  • high abrasion and excellent bend hoses
  • assembling larger hose diameters in all industries to order.

Types of hoses we can complete for you:

Mobile service vehicle for assembling hoses.

We will come to you !!!

We offer you the completion of hydraulic hoses tailor-made and exactly for your application by our service vehicle!

Our offer and possibilities are exactly the same as in the hose shop, but also mobile !!!