Honing is one of the special machining you can find in our company. With the help of the honing machine, we can repair shredded rotary cylindrical bearings, pipes and the like. The advantage is to achieve high accuracy and low roughness of the work surface. Examples of machined surfaces: Inserts of combustion engines and hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, storage of rotary components and the like. Repair of hydraulic elements of mobile devices is no exception.

Honing on the Barnes Drill Horizontal Conveyor

Range of honed dimensions:

Diameter 19.5 mm - 300 mm, length 3000 mm

(in the case of ordering a larger quantity, the possibility of honing even oversized parts).

Honing - Hydraulic Straight Hydraulic Motors, Engine Inserts and Other Parts for Industry.

Renovation of damaged interior surfaces of industrial parts.

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