Hydraulics repairs

Repair, service and production of linear hydraulic motors and rotary hydraulic pumps is a combination of all our activities. Thanks to our huge inventory, our trained service and construction, we offer repairs, servicing and production of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pumps. In the case of special applications and oversized hydraulic cylinders, we can offer our cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders. Repairing hydraulic components of mobile devices is no exception.

Repair of hydraulic cylinders

We repair straightforward hydraulic motors including accessories up to 300 mm in diameter and 4m in length.

  • Lifting cylinders (UDS 140/70/1000, UDS ST 125/80/1000).
  • Tool Rollers (UDS 140/75/500, UDS ST 125/80/500.
  • Boom cylinders (UDS 110/70/4150).
  • Support rollers (UDS 110/55/630).
Repair of hydraulic cylinders:

Finishing Repairs:

Production of hydraulic cylinders:

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Repairs of hydraulic pumps

We repair all the pumps you need, including accessories.

Write to us and we will be happy to help you!

Non-regulating pumps
Cogwheels, lamellar radial piston, spindle

Control pumps
Lamella, axial piston

Multi-flow pumps
In one body, with multiple bodies

Hand pumps

For explosive environments
Lamella, axial piston


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