Design of drives and lubrication systems

Design of drives and gears

Our goal is to provide our customers with comprehensive service: from specification of the technical assignment through calculation and design of the drive optimum for the application, delivery of the complete drive to ensuring its correct installation. Our services include identifying current drive on machines, solving problematic applications, or diagnosing.

If you need to suggest a new or check your current drive, please fill out the contact form in the contacts section and send it to us. Our specialists will help you to choose the right drive, optimal for your application.

If you prefer your own calculation, we will provide you with Design Flex® ProTM, a Gates computational software for free, with which you can easily design both toothed and wedge drives. You can download the current software version here or install it on your computer, including training, upon agreement.

Design of lubrication systems

Complete design - installation - correct setting of the lubrication system for your application.

Lubrication Plan

Lubrication scheme

The task of the lubrication systems is to bring and lubricate the lubricant from one central source to all the machine locations where undesirable friction occurs in a specified amount and time. Contact our lubrication team.

Service and Diagnostics:
Ing. Ivan Havaš - Head of Technical Department, Designer, CMS:, +421 48 6711 108-118, +421 903 280 569,
Ing. Martin Šimončič - diagnostician:, +421 48 6711 119, +421 903 280 559