Setting up machinery is an essential part of modern maintenance. Incorrect device geometry is often accompanied by increased vibration. This is manifested by increased electricity consumption, reduced durability of mechanical parts (bearings, couplings, dampers) by manufacturing inaccuracy, increased noise, leaks and the like. With state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to establish machine technology very accurately and within a short time frame.

In the modern world, the necessity of establishment is generally known. For optimized machines, alignment is an important part of everyday maintenance. The device must be on-line continuously with minimal interruptions.

Machine failures cause a devastating loss of production. Almost 50% of all machine failures are caused by misalignment.
Shaft alignment can be done with different tools. The easiest way to do this is to use a ruler or rulers over both halves of the clutch and straighten out with your eyesight. The results are not very accurate and are operator dependent. A better result can be achieved with the use of mechanical indicators of deviators. A skilled and experienced operator can get good and reliable measurements, but it takes time and patience.

A much simpler and highly accurate way to set up machines is to use laser and optical systems. They do not require special skills and provide accurate, fast and reliable results.

Setting up machines.

The consequences of disagreement are not always evident, but in the modern world of technology constitution is common knowledge. With current optimized machines, machine alignment is a vital part of maintenance work. We need machinery and equipment constantly available and ready for operation. Therefore, it is more than desirable to achieve the minimum possible downtime and abortion of production.
Machine downtime is devastating to production. From experience, we can say that at least 50% of machine downtime is due to disagreement.
Avoiding these problems can be done with a skilled and experienced diagnosis that can obtain relevant information and intervene accordingly.

Čo spôsobuje nesúososť?
  • Premature failure of components (bearings, bushings, shafts ...).
  • High radial and axial vibrations, increased noise.
  • High operating temperatures at or at bearings or high oil lubrication temperatures.
  • Increased lubricating oil leakage.
  • The clutch is hot during the process as well as the machine shutdown. This can be evidenced by crushed rubber inside the clutch.
  • Loosening the underlying screws.
  • Release or damage to clutch joints.
  • High amounts of lubricant inside the clutch housing.
  • Shaft damage (breaking, cracking, bending).
efity ustavovania:
  • Increase operating time.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Increased product quality.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Reduced repair costs and replacement of damaged components.
  • Elimination of downtime due to machine failure.
  • Increased component life.
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